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Published at 11-04-2019

VIV Asia 2019

VIV Asia show was a great success for Bayle this year; we had a common booth with partners Vendee concept (grading systems) and Xucla (crate washers) whom BAYLE is representing in Asia. Opportunities in Asia are plentiful and Bayle has been established in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for more than 30 years now, building patiently its agent network. Today, our customers recognize our expertise and experience for their local needs. Orders for duck processing machines and grading machine were taken.

Published at 11-04-2019

New stunning box SHF V5: EU compliant

Bayle has sold more than 150 stunning box in the last 5 years: The new SHF v5 stunning box will be available this month: this evolution includes the data recording, a visual alert in case of parameters default (under required current for ex), a new color screen (5’’ instead of 4.2’’) and remote distance connexion (to see the stunning parameters on a computer screen anywhere in the plant). Registration of a number of programs for different type of birds is possible. Most important this version is now complete with exposure time control for poultry and rabbits. That makes the SHF v5 the most complete stunning box on the market and allows all slaughterhouses even the small to comply with EU animal welfare. Ask for a quote and you’ll be convinced definitely!

Published at 11-04-2019

New know-how for automatism

We would like to welcome Jean-Charles Delobel: Jean-Charles joined Bayle in march 21018 as automation system engineer. His mission is to develop automation solutions for poultry processing like line supervision, temperature and speed controls as well as wax process supervision.


Besides, Jean-Charles will bring his knowledge in safety systems that is now crucial in line processing getting more and more complex.


Some Example:

For Culver duck (USA) installation, the whole processing line is managed by an automated system activated by a touch screen; from this nice interface, it is possible to drive the whole applications quickly and simple. A general synoptic shows the overall process of production.

In case of default, it is immediately communicated on the screen; It will therefore detect the cause of default (pressed button, motor fault,…) besides the malfunction of heating system of wax, the line operator is directly informed on his phone by sms. For maintenance services, this system allows a quick and accurate diagnosis.


The system also generates automatically the default history and stores it in a file as well as different events that appeared during production.


The automated system is completed by a remote distance module allowing an access from all electrical apparatus connected on the network: touch screen, inverters… The advantage is also to be able to changing parameters, checking the system from far away and trouble shooting.

Published at 11-04-2019

HuNent slaughterhouse in Hungary: a complete design from Bayle

With this project, Bayle proves its ability to achieve high capacity plants and to propose a complete automated solution. Thanks to its experience, Bayle is able to accompany its customers not only regarding the slaughtering process but also in the project management.

Published at 11-04-2019

HuNent: success for a great challenge

The inauguration of HuNent duck processing plant has taken place on 28th January 2019 in MelyKut, Hungary. It is the biggest plant for ducks in Europe with capacity of 5000 peking ducks per hour and 1000/h geese.


Located near the Serbian border, close to the farms, HuNent processing plant is also a great investment for that region of Hungary.


The whole project started in 2015 with Mr Kiss the main shareholder and Mr Kurt Weiss General Director. During 3 years, Bayle has worked on the project with the local teams. Bayle has made all process drawings, including floor drawings, energy drawings, conveyor above structure drawing and wall openings. Our team has been on site many times that is why the project has been a close cooperation with HuNent and became a success.


Bayle supply on the line is composed of:

  • hanging stations and overhead conveyor with safety systems
  • stunning bath and stunning cabinet (THF 400V model: the latest model complying with EU animal welfare regulation)
  • duck showering system LCT 4000
  • waterfall type scalders BET 5x8m length
  • PGT counter rotation plucker + finishing vertical disc plucker PF 3000 type
  • duck drying system before waxing
  • a double waxing and stripping process for excellent skin quality
  • wax centrifuge filtering system 100% electrical driven
  • “Hygie” evisceration system including automatic Opener, Eviscerator with viscera collector heart and leaver selection, cropper, neck skin slitter, beak and Tung cutter, neck breaker, i/o washer
  • electrical cubicle with touch screen supervision of the process and remote distance connection
  • air chilling line over 3 levels
Published at 07-06-2018

Bayle agents meeting

Bayle will welcome his agents in La Fouillouse, where is located his historical production site on September 7th and 8th 2018.


This meeting which will gather more than 40 partners worldwide (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America), will be organized as a “family meeting”. Indeed, most of Bayle’s agents are faithful as we have been working with some of them for 30 years.


This meeting will give the opportunity to introduce duck and chicken market innovations and to discuss on our future customers’ needs. Our partners will be welcomed within our plant to put the emphasis on production means that we have, to introduce new machines and to meet Bayle staff.


We are preparing a seminar which will talk about several current themes: animal welfare, industrial washing, our new offer for duck process and export finance solutions. On Sunday it will be a friendly day, dedicated to fun and cultural activities.

See you soon!

Published at 07-06-2018

New collaboration with Xuclà for industrial crate washers

Since September 201, we are an official distributor in France of the Spanish manufacturer of industrial washing equipment: Xuclà.


He has been manufacturing for more than 60 years equipment for hygiene and security in slaughterhouses. As Xuclà has a great experience regarding industrial washing, we decided to work with them to meet the worldwide demand for this range of equipment.


Bayle and Xuclà know each other very well as they already worked together on different markets with success.


Regarding crate washing, Xuclà has a wide range: from the washer enabling to wash until 150 crates/hour to the complete washer and dryer line which measures several meters. This collaboration enables to enrich and complete our existing range of Bayle’s crate washers: the PLC (80 crates/h) and the LCM (300 crates/h max).


This range of washers is available for live bird crates and for meat trays as well.

Published at 07-06-2018

A new generation of duck evisceration equipment

Here we are! 


After several months of hard work, Bayle company is proud to announce a true revolution in the field of slaughterhouses. 


Indeed, we completed successfully an unequalled project of innovation on duck’s market, especially for evisceration. In March 2018, we started up a machine based on new technology as it is adjustable with electric actuators and a touch screen.


The duck new EVCRG is a carrousel with 15 or 24 units working with the overhead conveyor with 203, 2 mm (8’’) or 304 mm (12’’) pitch and the adjustment is done with a touch screen. It allows to extract the duck viscera pack and to drop it on a synchronized conveyor belt with the birds.


This new machine can treat: Female Barbary ducks (with a minimum weight of 1.6kg), Barbary ducks (with a maximum weight of 6kg), Pekin ducks and Fat Liver ducks, up to 6000 trolleys/hour maximum for the 24 unit version. Adjustments can be set up and data are recorded so that you can treat different batch of birds easily and without any hesitation.


Thanks to electric actuators, you are able to do these adjustments without any efforts and with a high precision so that you can get a perfect quality of evisceration while preserving giblets as the liver.

Published at 07-06-2018

Writing a new page in the history of our company

After having worked more than 50 years as Head of the company, Jean-Pierre Bayle, grandson of Bayle’s company founder, completely retires and lets his sons, LouisGeorges Bayle and Pierre-Edouard Bayle, direct the company. So it is the 4th generation which takes over the family business.


The development’s strategy is a continuation of taken actions:


  • Becoming a leader on the Duck Processing market
  • Keeping a strong position on the ckicken market (particularly for capacities from 1000 to 8000 birds/h)
  • Innovating on the market of quality chicken (for capacities from 200 to 1000 birds/h) which needs new automatic solutions. 
  • Strengthening our presence on new markets: creation of a US office (Cincinnati, Ohio), for this summer. This office will be assigned to M. David Le Pallabre who steps down as After-sales manager for Bayle in France.
Published at 15-06-2017

Bayle agent in UK: Sedgbeer 

It is now the second generation of Sedgbeer’ who are working with Bayle in the UK and Ireland! Bob and Christine Sedgbeer began working with Bayle nearly 20 years ago. Now Bobs son, Tom Sedgbeer has taken over the running of the business along with his wife Roxy.


"Since we began working with Bayle, our business has gone from strength to strength and with it the Bayle brand is now a familiar name within the UK. One area we have really succeeded in, is working with plants processing free range and organic chicken and turkey, these include Baileys Turkeys, Traditional Norfolk Poultry and most recently Capestone Organic.


We are really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Capestone Organic on a big project of theirs recently, we helped them to re-design the lairage, kill and plucking rooms. We installed new stunning equipment, a 36m air jet scald tank and the PGT plucking machine. They are now successfully using Bayle equipment to pluck Chicken at 2,400 bph and Bronze Turkey, up to 12kg, at 1,200 bph.


They have not only seen improvements in the stunning and the bleed, but also in the quality of the plucking which has ultimately led to a rise in carcass quality. Furthermore, we have also delivered an increase in their production and a reduction in labour. 

They are also possibly looking to increase production rates further still in the coming years.


One thing that became very apparent to us is in working with Capestone, is the versatility of the PGT, in our minds its performance as a primary plucker immediately after scald is unrivalled!


Looking forward our aim is to continue to try and push the Bayle brand into new plants and seek out new customers, while still maintaining excellent customer service for our existing ones, including our small on farm processors who have always been an important part of our business."

Published at 23-05-2017

Luv-a-Duck in Australia: a happy customer!

In March of this year, we supplied to one of our Australian customers, a complete wax line for their Pekin Duck process.


Located 4 hours drive from Melbourne, at the heart of Australia’s cereal production area, Luv-a-Duck has a long experience in Pekin duck processing. In the fully automated plant, we have supplied a complete waxing line with head guiding system, capable of running at 5000 ducks per hour. High technical performance and final product quality at high speed were achieved thanks to all parties involved.


It is with great pleasure that we have received the congratulations of Executive Chairman Theresa Sfetkidis and Luv-a-Duck top management.

Published at 23-05-2017

First commissioning of the PCI plucker

The new PCI plucker for 2kg birds has been successfully installed and is already producing fantastic results! Installed in November 2016 in Ardennes volailles in Belgium, processing 4000 birds per hour, broilers, JA quality birds and local birds. The PCI offers great plucking results while maintenance costs are minimal.


The frame has been simplified to ease cleaning work, the square frame is inclined 45° to limit feather collecting on it. Equipped with a full hydraulic system made of stainless steel, it has also a new hydraulic power equipped with a pressure gauge for energy savings.


Another innovative design on the PCI is the driving system, which has specially designed gears using a plastic material which include a dampening device. This means the PCI has a general noise level below 85db, which is especially beneficial for operators in close proximity to the machine.


Maintenance is facilitated with easily dismountable modules. No greasing is required.


Mr Francis Wenkin Ardennes volailles director says: « we process stand, JA sasso and label chickens : all adjustments are easy and efficient on each type of birds. Besides, finger replacement has been improved thanks to longer plucking holder shafts."

Published at 23-05-2017

New evisceration range of machinery for Ducks

Three years ago we set about designing and developing a new range of EV equipment for ducks, this development is a real innovation in our field and today we are proud to introduce this new range of machinery.


The range is named after the Greek Goddess of cleanliness and hygiene: “Hygie”. It encompasses an Opener, Eviscerator with viscera collection system, Cropper, a completely new Neck Breaker, Final Control, and an Inside-Outside Bird Washer. These machines are now all available for purchase and have already been sold to various customers.


Designed specifically for Pekin and Barbary duck, this new range has been innovatively designed for ease of use, adjustments are now fully automated by storing preprogrammed settings which allow you to adapt quickly between flocks. Hydraulic jacks have also been replaced by electric ones, all powered in single phase.


Improved access for cleaning has also been incorporated, with the frame having been designed to ensure maximum accessibility, this will reduce time needed for wash down.

Published at 22-12-2016

Our presence at Eurotier 2016 (HANNOVER, Germany)

From 15th to 18th November, we attended Eurotier, the World’s leading trade fair for animal production that took place in Hanover, in Germany. Eurotier 2016 gathered more than 2500 exhibitors from 57 different countries. More than 150 000 visitors walked the aisles of the trade fair. Among them, two-thirds came from the European Union, another third were visitors coming from Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Far-East.


This trade fair was the opportunity for us to introduce one of our latest innovations: the new PCI plucker (Ideal Disc Plucker). This machine, designed for broiler plucking +/- 2kg, has some major benefits: reduced noise level, easy adjustments, cleaning and maintenance, with a very competitive quality/price ratio. The PCI aroused the interest and the machine on display was delivered in Belgium to our customer Ardenne Volaille, following the trade fair (4000 chickens per hour).

Published at 11-01-2017

A new Bayle agent in Spain

A new agent is now working for Bayle: José Reyes Bartomeu, from the company European Smart Farm located in Barcelona.


An engineer by training, José has more than 30 years experience in technical and sales functions. He will provide its knowledge of the Iberian market, will represent us in Spain and will reinforce our market shares in this country.


Welcome aboard José and “vamos”!

José Reyes Bartomeu, our new agent in Spain.

Published at 22-12-2016

Our first installation in the USA

We recently set up our first installation in the USA, for our customer La Belle Farm, located in Ferndale, New York. La Belle Farm is one of only three foies gras producers in the United States and has been in operation for 10 years. A complete slaughtering line (overhead conveyor, stunner, scalding tank and plucking machine) for a capacity until 500 ducks per hour was started in collaboration with our technicians.


The special feature of this project lies in one of the US market specificity: Moulard ducks are much bigger in the United States than in Europe, with livers weighing up to 1kg (more than 2 pounds).


Bayle is dedicated to enter US market to propose its innovative solution in chicken, turkey and duck processing. You’ll find us on IPPE show in Atlanta this end of January on booth C1261. Bayle is looking for a distributor for its product in USA.

Part of the equipment at La Belle Farm: PGT 1815

Published at 22-12-2016

The importance of the hygiene issues in slaughterhouses

In the current context, with France placed on 'high risk' alert as bird flu outbreak spreads in France and Europe, hygiene issues must be considered seriously in slaughterhouses.


Generally, H5N8 bird flu spreads on contact with an infected bird. To eradicate the spread of the disease, one of the most important measure to implement is to promote strict hygiene conditions.


On the one hand, operators must pay particular attention to wash their hands regularly, to wear protective clothing, face mask… On the other hand, hygiene must be considered as a major concern all along the poultry transportation and slaughtering process. With this concern, we developed several solutions providing better hygiene conditions and allowing efficient and easy cleaning of the equipment:


  • As a key element of poultry transportation, crates must be necessarily washed after unloading. We offer a range of crate washers suitable for live-birds crates, module drawers and meat trays and covering all crates types on the market. Crate washers are fitted with dosing pumps also enabling crates disinfection. Two crate washers are available (see photos opposite): the PLC-2 for capacities from 50 to 100 crates per hour, a simple and budget machine, and the LCM 2007 for capacities until 300 crates per hour with rotating filter and powerful pump.
  • A conveyor washer can also be installed on the line to clean and disinfect the overhead conveyor and the shackles.


Hygiene and easy cleaning are also major concerns taken into consideration in our current and future developments.


Last but not least, we would like to wish you all a fruitful and happy New Year 2017.


In these tough times, we would also like to express a message of support and optimism for the French duck industry.


Louis-George and Pierre-Edouard Bayle

PLC-2 and LCM 2007 crate washers

Conveyor washer 

Published at 20-07-2016

Burdis launched its e-commerce website www.burdis.fr

Burdis specializes in manual poultry processing equipment, and are controlled by the same holding company as Bayle. Created in 1988 to complement Bayles activity with the distribution of crates and plucking wax, Burdis has developed widely over the years.


Nowadays, Burdis offers a large range of manual and semi-automatic equipment to process poultry: from live-poultry transportation to cut-up and packaging. Burdis also distributes health and safety accessories for slaughterhouses and workers.


Recently, Burdis launched an e-commerce website dedicated to the French market: www.burdis.fr. Burdis customers can now access detailed information about the products (descriptive, price, dimensions, pictures, videos…) in one click and order directly online very easily, thanks to intuitive browsing and clear design.

Published at 20-07-2016

THF V3: a new version of our stunning cabinet 

Our THF stunning cabinet with the team that worked on it (Jean-François Faverjon, Enrique Prades, Alex Vidal, Jérémy Bay and Xavier Voldoire)

The THF V3 stunning cabinet, launched on 1st July 2016, complies with the EU 1099/2009 regulation regarding animal welfare and offers the following improvements:


  • Monitoring of the actual voltage, frequency and electric power measurements in the tank.
  • Improvement of data recording: Ethernet connection available in addition to USB connection (RJ45 connector) to connect the stunning cabinet to a computer (IP address is required).
  • Automatic data recording when the stunning cabinet is switched off, to avoid data loss.
  • New display: this version enables very easy set-up of the number of animals in the tank for each program and offers a permanent display. 


We have already manufactured more than 100 THF stunning cabinets!

Published at 20-07-2016

Join us at Eurotier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production 

We will be attending the world’s leading trade fair for animal production: Eurotier. This trade fair will take place in Hanover (Germany) from Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th November 2016.


During this event, we will be delighted to welcome you on our booth (Hall 4 - Booth 04D14) and to meet you over a glass of wine. You will discover our latest innovations: our new pluckers and a new version of our stunning cabinet constantly improving our concern about animal welfare.


Confirm your visit here.

Published at 20-07-2016

Discover the new PCI plucker “Ideal disc plucker”

The PCI machine is our latest vertical disc plucking machine. It is designed for broiler plucking +/- 2kg equipped with 6 finger holders, on 125 mm centers. We propose a wide range of plucking finger hardnesses to make sure plucking is perfect and adapted to every customer’s needs.


The design of this machine is simple and minimalist for easy cleaning. The machine features an hydraulic system entirely made of stainless steel, to adjust the width and height of the plucking banks. Discs are driven by specially engineered sturdy plastic gears to reduce noise level as well as wear and tear. Maintenance is reduced and facilitated thanks to quickly removable modules.

Published at 20-07-2016

Our attendance at the CNADEV general meeting 

Louis-Georges Bayle with Mr Gérard Sarreau (CNADEV President)

We had the honor to attend the CNADEV general meeting that took place on 24th and 25th June at Puy du Fou, in France. The CNADEV is the French Committee of Poultry Slaughterhouses and Cut-up plants.


This event provided our sales representatives, Richard Hémonic and Alain Pichierri, and Louis-Georges Bayle, co-director, an opportunity to meet with many CNADEV members. We also had the chance to introduce our company and its solutions to the participants. We emphasised our stunning solutions, with our new version of the THF stunning cabinet, promoting animal welfare and operators comfort. We also introduced our latest innovation: the new PCI plucker “Ideal disc plucker”, which offers reduced maintenance.


Animal welfare was one of the main topics discussed during this general meeting. Very interesting exchanges occurred during this meeting which was a good opportunity for us to identify poultry processors concerns, in order to anticipate their current and future needs.


Louis-Georges and Pierre Edouard Bayle

Louis-Georges Bayle during his presentation

Group photo of CNADEV members and participants

Published at 12-11-2015

Italcol: a complete slaughtering line in Panama

In collaboration with Novateam, our agent in South America, we set up a complete slaughtering line in Panama, in the city of Capira, located 70km away from Panama City. Our customer, Italcol, is a group which already owns several plants in the region.


Thanks to the proven efficiency of the Bayle process, the customer chose automated equipment to be able to process different poultry sizes with easy and quick adjustments.


This installation, a true showcase of our expertise, is our first complete high capacity slaughtering line in South America. It includes every step of the slaughtering process: from the hanging of live poultry to the automated cut-up, including grading and a feet process adapted to “Panama Chickens” that come with head and feet.


The slaughtering line started in collaboration with our technicians is now operating and was inaugurated with the Panamanian President in November. The capacity of this slaughtering line is around 4000 birds per hour and can be expanded quickly until 6000 birds per hour.

Published at 12-11-2015

A new representative office in the United States

Louis-Georges Bayle with Alain Dupuy, our agent in the US.

To pursue our development in North America, we now have a new representative office in the United States.


Based in Toledo, Ohio, Alain Dupuy is a French expatriated in the United States more than thirty years ago. This engineer, with a proven industrial experience, is representing our company in the United States since 3 months.


His main objective is to develop our presence and our business activity on the American territory, especially on the duck and turkey markets, which are very promising in the United States.

Published at 12-11-2015

Our poducts serving animal welfare 

The EC Regulation Standard 1099/2009, which applies to all slaughterhouses in Europe since 2013, aims at enhancing protection of animals at the time of slaughter.

Willing to respect this Standard and to take animal welfare into consideration, we have implemented several devices to our range of water-bath stunners:

  • De-stress support plates situated right after the hanging and just before stunning enable to decrease stress. Once poultry hang on overhead conveyor line, they head to the stunning and fillets rub against de-stress support plates, which calm them down before stunning.
  • The SHF stunning cubicle or “Simple High Frequency”, which fulfills the obligations regarding the permanent display of voltage, frequency and power, is intended to slaughterhouses with capacities under 1000 birds per hour.
  • A “Very High Frequency” stunning cubicle, called THF, which also integrates a recording function, is intended to slaughterhouses with capacities over 1000 birds per hour.
  • A flow disruption water-bath stunner, operates with non-continuous water supply, in order to avoid the loss of power and to stun birds more efficiently. Our range includes tanks of 1.2m, 2.4m and 3m in length.
Published at 12-11-2015

Reinforcement of the France Sales Team

Bayle reinforces its sales team in Brittany and reviews sales areas in France.


Since 1st July 2015, Bayle has reorganized its sales presence in France.


Richard Hemonic, 45 years old and newly hired, is in charge of the commercial and technical follow-up for Bayle in Brittany and the bordering provinces.


With a previous technical experience in the industry, Richard objective is to develop Bayle business in the biggest poultry production of France while providing more proximity and responsiveness to customers.


Richard replaces Alain Pichierri, who is now focused on other areas in France: North, Nort-East and South-East.


Thierry Fanget who was responsible for the French customers producing fat liver ducks, is now in charge of the entire South-East area, in collaboration with Claude Vettorel, our historical Sales Representative for this area.

Published at 12-11-2015

New lung remover for ducks 

A new lung remover for ducks was developed by our design office in August 2015. After a two-year development, this machine consisting of 18 workstations, is able to remove Pekin Ducks lungs at a capacity of 3000 birds per hour. In collaboration with Pepe's Ducks slaughterhouse located near Sydney in Australia, BAYLE tested and set up this machine, which is the most efficient available on the market.


Fitted with special aspiration tools, specially designed to adapt the duck morphology and operating in a unique motion, the lung remover cleans the carcasses almost perfectly, without damaging the inside of the animal cavity.


With its simple and robust design, this machine is also available in another version, adapted to the Muscovy Duck.

Published at 12-11-2015

Our presence on SPACE 2015

Louis-Georges Bayle with Mario Bonaccordo (Operations Manager - Pepe's Ducks), John Houston (CEO - Pepe's Ducks) and Dominique Arnault (Sales Representative - Bayle Asia).

As every year, we were present on SPACE 2015: the International Livestock Trade Fair. This event, which is one of the most important in France on the market, was held in Rennes, from September 15 to 18 and was attended by more than 105 000 visitors (including over 16% of foreign visitors). Over the four-day expo, we had been pleased to welcome on our booth many French and foreign customers or prospects.


Considering that the inauguration of our new plant occurred two days before this event, we organized a bus travel to take to Rennes some of our customers and agents who were present at the inauguration and who wished to visit SPACE.

Published at 03-11-2015

A successful inauguration of our new plant!

Pierre-Edouard Bayle, Jean-Pierre Bayle and Louis-Georges Bayle during their speech. 

The inauguration of our new plant took place early September. This event took place on several days and was the opportunity for us to gather our customers, our agents from all over the world and our suppliers.


It all started on Friday, 11th September, with a seminar for our agents representing Bayle throughout the world. With around twenty nationalities represented, this seminar allowed rich and constructive exchanges, in which everyone could share his experience.


The program of this day was focused on the presentation of the company, of its development and strategy, and of our new premises. The surface of the production facility has been doubled and new equipments were installed to meet our growth objectives. This was also the opportunity for us to reassert our will to continue designing and manufacturing our products in France.


On Saturday, 12th September, the inauguration evening took place at the very heart of our new production facility. Around 400 guests coming from the five continents honoured us with their presence. Upon arrival, they had the chance to discover our new plant with a small guided tour and a presentation of our latest innovations (DJBL auto cropping machine, stunning cubicle THF and SHF, PGT big drum plucking machine, duck gizzards cutting machine, duck eviscerator with viscera pack harvesting,…).


After a short speech and a surprise concocted by our father’s work friends, the latter had the honour to cut the ribbon with officials (In particular, the Prefect of the province and the Mayor of La Fouillouse). The festivities lasted until late at night.


We want to thank warmly all those who were present.


Louis-Georges and Pierre Edouard Bayle

The surprise prepared by Mr Fasse, Mr Perret, Mr Blais and Mr Aubry.

Mr Wenkin (Ardenne Volaille) with Christine Cottin (Burdis). ​

Alex Vidal, in charge of Bayle Desiign Office, with Claude Vettorel, Bayle Sales Representative, and M. Edmond Martin (Clos du Moulin) with his companion.​

Our agents in front of our new plant.

Some of our agents from Africa and Maghreb.

Mr Eddy Ong (Soon Lee Holding - Brunei).

Customers coming from Philippines with Leo Eusebio, our agent in Philippines, and Pierre-Edouard Bayle.

Pierre-Edouard Bayle with Felipe Gomez (Italcol - Panama).

Mr Naris Poonyalikit (Duck King - Thailand).

Published at 16-07-2015


At the request of customers, recently, our design office has developed a machine to bleed turkeys automatically.


After 3 months of manufacturing, this machine was recently started (in May 2015) in the slaughterhouse of one of our customer at high production rates. This bleeding machine displays a success of 98% and allows a significant labor saving, even if the presence of a machine-operator is still necessary to control the bleeding.


Equipped with a head supporting system and multiples hydraulic settings (machine height, distance between blades,…), this bleeding machine can be adapted to various production batches: male and female, from 7 to 25 kg, equally for industrial or agricultural farming products.

The blades located below and above the neck guarantee an optimal bleeding by cutting both carotids.

From now on, this highly efficient machine is part of our catalog.

Published at 16-07-2015



This new machine was created for duck gizzards processing. It automatically performs the cutting of lobes and represents an alternative to the manual cutting with a near-perfect result. The gizzard is cut into 3 parts: 2 edible sides to be retrieved and 1 central part to be disposed of.


The duck gizzard cutting machine is available in two versions:

  • one allowing two operators to work simultaneously (maximum capacity: 2500 gizzards/hour)
  • and the other designed for the simultaneous activity of four operators (maximum capacity: 5000 gizzards/hour).


This machine offers many benefits:

  • It runs at high speed and high yields, both for male and female gizzards, and it increases product output using a Bayle SA proprietary process.
  • It minimizes operator intervention with less repetitive tasks: only loading gizzards on the machine is done manually.
  • It has been designed for operators ease to use and optimum ergonomics. Loading gizzards on the machine is easier as the incoming trays are stacked on an adjustable height stand and are therefore always presented at the same elevation. Edible products and by-products evacuations are separated to avoid contamination.
  • Its dimensions are minimized: only 270 x 150 x H185 cm, about 8’-10”x3’-3”x6’.
  • It is totally safe to operate thank to an emergency stop, proximity sensors mounted on the doors and full sheetmetal casing enclosure.
  • It’s easy to set up: a complete adjustment system insures precise positioning of the blade to fit to any gizzards size for optimum yields while removing all inner yellow skin.
  • It’s easy to clean up thank to large removable access panels.
Published at 15-07-2015


Dear customers,


On september 12, we will be pleased to welcome you in our new premises for the inauguration of our new plant.


Situated right in front of our former plant in La Fouillouse, this new plant, with a 4500 square meters surface, marks an important step in the growth of our company. The construction of the plant started in April 2014 and was achieved in record time since we moved into our new premises in early May 2015, after 12 months of construction.


Our production and storage area has been expanded to enable us to work more efficiently and effectively and to meet our ambitious growth objectives.


These new state of the art premises, also enable us to greet you in the best conditions.


The inauguration will be the opportunity to make you discover our new workspace and to thank you for the confidence that you have placed in our company over the years.


We sincerely hope that you will be attending this beautiful evening full of surprises.


Louis-Georges et Pierre-Edouard Bayle