Compact Units

The new COMPACT processing line has been designed with a capacity of 150 ? 1500 chicken per hour, depending on the size of plucking machine. The idea of the new COMPACT system is still the same ? supplied ?ready to use? but with new quality and hygiene standards as demanded by the market. The frame is made of stainless steel. The new system does not have a platform on the ground making it easier for cleaning and removing feathers. The evisceration part of the line is supplied as an optional extra if required. The equipment used on the new COMPACT system is exactly the same as that used on a conventional processing line with the same quality and strength.

Compact 500
Compact 500 is design to process 150 to 500 birds per hour
Compact 1000
Compact 1000 is design to process up to 1000 birds per hour
compact 1500
Compact 1500: up to 1500 bph